Dark Discussions – First paranormal round table, March 6, 2011

Posted by nocturnalfrequency on Monday, 7 of March , 2011 at 8:50 pm

Our first paranormal round table dark discussion here on Livestream! For those of you regular listeners to the show, you know how these all out in your face discussions usually play out, or do you? Those of you who are new to these, well, you have picked the right show to start with! Tonight, we will have our largest round table in the history of NFR. Alex and Steve will be joined by the following line-up..

-Justin Villarreal (Founder of Lake County Paranormal Research Group)


-Zena Hagerty-Belair (Musician and shaman)


-Rikki LaCoste (host of Kakophonos Internet Radio and well informed into the Occult)


We will be tackling several different aspects of the paranormal, from the Occult, spiritual to hammering out the methods of determining possible evidence of the paranormal and more!!

So join us for what is surely going to be one of NFR’s most memorable shows!!


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Steve Genier and Alex Rondini will be trying to unravel the paranormal from all aspects. From the scientific to the spiritual and from it's urban legends. Interviewing people who investigate, research and write about the paranormal. These are the issues we cover on the show.