Dark Discussions – Joe Burkhart, Feb 27, 2011

Posted by nocturnalfrequency on Monday, 28 of February , 2011 at 8:10 pm

Alex and Steve will are joined by Director Joe Burkhart. Joe has actively been involved in various aspects under the paranormal umbrella for more then 40 years. Researching and investigating several areas such as the cryptozoological, diabolical possessions, hauntings, indigenous shamanic, and ufological exploration. Forming PRAIR or Paranormal Research And Investigative Reconnaissance back in 1982. Tonight we will explore Joe’s …many years of research and investigations. Discussing his experiences and more notable cases. As well as looking at how different the paranormal world has changed over the years. Plus, his views on the current state of research and investigating the paranormal. For more info on Director J. Burkhart. http://beyondthenormal.com/

Once again you can join our live chatroom during the show or just listen live via our Facebook page here or on Livestream. Either or you can simply sign in using your Facebook account.  http://www.livestream.com/nocturnalfrequencyradio

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