Dark Discussions-The Witch Hunt Continues-Professional Exorcists and Ghost Busters? Jan 23

Posted by nocturnalfrequency on Thursday, 27 of January , 2011 at 7:16 pm

Our second last show here on BTR and we continue to drive the stakes higher! Tonight we will bring to light and weed out the profiteers and exploiters of the paranormal! Those who claim to be “professionals” and charge thousands of dollars for their services. Also, paranormal groups devising elaborate “hoaxes” to gain Hollywood notoriety? Join us as we explore these several dark areas of the paranormal and why they should be brought to your attention! Tonight, Alex and Steve will be joined by several guests on the panel, including indie film maker Dave McRae (paranormal documentary BREATHING PORT ROBINSON), more guest info coming soon!!

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Steve Genier and Alex Rondini will be trying to unravel the paranormal from all aspects. From the scientific to the spiritual and from it's urban legends. Interviewing people who investigate, research and write about the paranormal. These are the issues we cover on the show.