Dark Discussions – Opening The Paranormal Can of Worms with Brian Leffler, Jan 16

Posted by nocturnalfrequency on Monday, 17 of January , 2011 at 8:56 pm

Yes, were back but for only three show here on BTR and then we’ll be on our way. Alex and Steve are joined by friend and paranormal investigator/researcher Brain Leffler. As per usual with our Dark Discussions, there are no holds barred. We will be exploring exploitation of the paranormal field, the back stabbing as well as the out of control direction it’s been traveling for quite sometime. The founder of Northern Paranormal research, Brian has been involved with the study of the paranormal for over 14 years now. It all started when he didn’t believe that ghosts could ever possibly exist until he lived in one particular haunted house that literally made him think that he was losing his mind. He began to explore the possibilities that there could be more to life and death than meets the eye. He began to study and read the theories of those that came into the field before him. As his studies progressed, he discovered that many of the early theories were not correct and began to formulate his own and then set out to prove them. Many of those theories have been proven in his 14+ years. For example; that the orb does exist and is the ghosts basic form and from there there the ghost manifests into other forms such as a shadow or a full bodied apparition. Brian has done a lot in the field too from doing a regular top rated radio show in which he produced and starred on to writing his own paranormal book entitled “Ghosts: Minnesota’s Other Natural Resource.” He is professional in all of his investigations and will be the one that you want to call when you are having questions about the paranormal or wanting a true professional investigation done of your home or business. You can find more about Brian and NPR at http://www.nprteam.com/index.html

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